New Zealand has many secure payment options to choose from at an online casino. The question is: which one is the right one for you? Below we will discuss some of the online money options and the speed at which you could see your winnings.

Making Your Deposits

Whatever payment option you use, you need to ensure that your option is available and listed on your homepage and payment page. Now, some of the options are only good for withdraws and not deposits, The PaySafeCard is one of those options. This option is great for making your deposits, but not so much for withdrawals. What about using e-wallets or credit and debit cards? The deposits happen almost instantly. We cannot specify the exact times for e-wallets, credit, and debit cards, but they usually happen in less than 24 hours. It will probably depend on your banking institution. Using a cheque or bank transfer is going to be longer. Once again, the exact time you will have to check with the online casino itself. The reason it takes longer is due to the security and eligibility of funds. The banks have to make sure the funds are actually there in your online casino account before initiating the timeline. A delay in the funds becoming available will result in longer wait times.

Withdrawing Your Funds

There are a lot of options to choose from(once again). Probably the most popular choice is the e-wallet while credit cards come in at a close second. Those options usually take maybe 24-48 hours to get your funds. They have to verify everything is there and that the transaction can be completed. Do you plan on using a cheque for your withdrawal? Once again, it depends on your bank. Some banks will take up to a month for the funds to be there. You need to check with the casino about their policies concerning cheques. Bank transfers are going to take up to(and including) seven days. Sometimes it takes less for the transaction to be completed. To be clear, using the e-wallet option will probably be faster. As we said, it only takes up to 48 hours for the money to be there, sometimes less(24 hours). We recommend using a website to find the fastest payout casinos such as Some other good solutions include Neteller, ecoPayz, and Skrill. Let’s talk about credit cards for a second. Sometimes those transactions can take up to 5 business days(that includes Mastercard, Visa, and American Express). Those of you who want a more timely payout(in other words, faster), should pick one of the options under the e-wallet. We do want to point out that you need to verify who you are beforehand. Casinos in New Zealand will ask for an address, ID, and proof of income(in some instances) before they agree. What happens if you move? Send them the new address. They will need both on file for verification purposes.

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Visa and Mastercard

These two, without a doubt, are the most popular in New Zealand. What happens to those who do not have any credit cards? You need at least a Visa or Mastercard debit card. You will get the same features and security, it is just in the form of a debit card. These two options also offer some of the safest transactions and quickest. Most the credit and debit cards come equipped with a one-time-pin feature. You get a code for every transaction for one-time use. That makes it practically impossible to trace. The code is discarded once it is used. You can get it online or by phone. Now some casinos(in New Zealand) will save the information for future use. That makes it easier for you. However, some discard the information once you have completed the submission. That means you will have to reenter the information every time. Some argue over the inconvenience of it all. However, the online casino is just adding an extra layer of protection for those who choose the option.

Web Wallets(also known as e-wallets)

This option is great for both deposits and withdrawals. The only issue(or limitation) you might come across comes from the online casino itself. You get your winnings much faster and you can use it for other things. Make sure you stay informed with updates from the casino about e-wallets. The updates could impact how you utilize your e-wallet in the future. This is where options like Neteller and Skrill come into play. The good news is you can also get them in the card form. That way you can use them for land-based options. The only information the other side sees id your ID and email address(if they ask you to use one). All of the other information(your more personal data) stays safe and secure behind the encryption codes.

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What About Poli?

This is an online payment option popular in New Zealand and Australia. The system connects your online banking information to the app. The only fees you have to pay is through the bank, as the app is free to use.

What About Bitcoin?

The hardest part is acquiring and setting up an account to use. Once that is done, it is easy.